The infectious diseases have influenced human biology and society from years so far and need for protecting the same has always been of prime concern.

Viral Infections are the most common amongst all. Viruses are the smallest infective agents, consisting essentially of nucleic acid (either RNA or DNA) enclosed in a protein coat or capsid. Virus directly attacks the immune system of the body.

Antivirals works either by inhibiting viral DNA polymerase, by synthesis of viral DNA, by incorporation into viral DNA, or by supressing its replication as used in cytomegalovirus infections.

We, United Biotech lead in manufacturing various directly acting antivirals which acts by Inhibiting Nucleosides and Nucleotides Excl. Reverse Transcriptase. It includes Aciclovir, Ribavirin, Ganciclovir and its prodrug.

We always strive to develop products conforming to International Standards and Conventions. Our passion for quality goes beyond business and regulatory requirements thereby focusing towards safety, quality and efficacy of our products.

List of Antiviral Products

S.No. Name of the Products Strength Packing
1 Aciclovir Intravenous Infusion  250 mg  Vial
2 Ganciclovir Capsules  250 mg & 500 mg  Capsules
3 Ganciclovir for injection  500 mg & 1 g  Vial
4 Ribavirin Capsules  200 mg  Capsules
5 Valganciclovir 450 mg Tablets